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With the reopening of your hotel, it is time to finally be host again. Particularly encouraging is the fact, that a recovery in demand for domestic tourism is emerging. In this article, you will learn how you to keep an eye on demand and how to use Google Ads to get started.

Use Google Trends to understand the moods of your guests

Google Trends is a special service from Google that displays the number of search terms entered over time and sets them in relation to the total search volume. This reflects the demand from users and allows a forecast to be made. This insight is essential for the alignment of Google Ads campaigns, as the placement of campaigns is only effective if there is enough demand. Although most of the borders have now been reopened, a degree of uncertainty among guests remains when it comes to travelling abroad. For this reason, a focus on the local market is particularly useful to better understand the moods of your guests. Here's an example from the leisure sector: in past weeks, search queries for "Hotel Algarve" had shown a sharp drop in demand. Recently, however, demand has picked up for this keyword and almost reached the previous year's level.

Interest over time for the search term "Hotel Algarve" (Source: Screenshot Google Trends)

Plan your Google Ads campaigns

The strength of Google Ads lies in the fact that campaigns can be designed and adapted very flexibly. Now, it is even more important than usual that you regularly reassess your campaigns to consider the dynamics of the market. When planning your Google Ads campaigns, think carefully about who you want to address and how. As described above, it may be useful to focus on domestic tourism. For example, a last-minute campaign within driving distance could be successful in order to reach spontaneous travelers.

Pay attention to the right tone and show flexibility

Due to the corona virus, overnight guests will continue to be sensitized to the risk of infection at their holiday destination. In case of doubt, guests are more likely to book the hotel that credibly informs them that it complies with certain safety standards. Hotels should already include this in their text ads. A survey conducted by Holidaycheck show that more than three quarters of the participants still intended to be travelling in 2020. For many of them, transparency and flexibility in the booking process is of crucial importance. Nearly 60% of respondents said that flexible cancellation conditions are crucial. This aspect should therefore be addressed in the adverts.

Make your website users aware of special offers by means of retargeting

With "retargeting" potential guests who have already visited your website can be addressed again on their way through the Internet with selective advertising. With the help of this reminder function, you can raise the profile of your hotel and draw attention to special offers such as "Book now & decide later". Frequency capping is an important adjustment tool when planning a retargeting campaign, because it controls the display frequency of an advert per user and avoids advertising overload for your potential guests.

Promote new services through Google Ads

During the Corona crisis many hotels have shown resourcefulness and created new services. Evaluate whether these can be marketed via Google Ads. For example, you may have set up a food delivery service for your hotel restaurant. Using Google Ads you can easily draw the attention of local users to this new offer.

Google supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with advertising credits

One last hint: In order to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) stay in touch with their customers during these difficult times, Google is making available a total of $340 million in advertising credits worldwide, which can be used for new advertising expenditures on the entire Google Ads platform by the end of 2020. All SMEs that have been advertising with a Google Ads account for at least ten months in 2019 and in January or February 2020 are eligible to receive credits. We have already recorded the receipt of the credit on our customers' accounts.

Author: Philipp Ingenillem - Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions

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