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In these days it is especially important to communicate with your existing and potential guests, conveying empathy, optimism and adaptability. NOW your guests have more time than ever before and spend a large part of it in social networks. They will want to make up for cancelled holidays and many are already planning their next trip after Corona. Various studies have shown that social media consumption is currently up to 60% higher than usual. This makes it all the more important to maintain the visibility of your hotel and be present on the social media channels. We have compiled a list of how communication can look like here.

It's all about brand building, lead generation and visibility now

Studies from the past (e.g. by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration) show that in times of crisis it makes sense to continue investing in marketing. For example, suspended activity on the part of competitors while you remain active with your hotel can become a unique selling point. In the social media sector, you should focus on brand building, lead generation and increasing visibility. At the heart of this is a clear positioning in relation to the right target groups. Now more than ever, it is important to become editorially active, to maintain guest loyalty via postings or stories and to remain on your guest's radar.

Spread hope and a positive attitude

In current social media communication, you should give people hope and create positive anticipation for the time after the virus. There are many pleasant emotions associated with the topic of travel and you should now make use of them. In addition, the feeling of community ("together through the crisis" and #wevscorona) strengthens the bond and connection to your guests. For example, show them what is happening behind the scenes and how you prepare to welcome them again soon. In the following you will find some ideas for topics.

Use current social media trends to increase your reach

Due to the Corona crisis, various trends and challenges have been brought to life in recent days and weeks. Use hashtags like #digitaltourism, #stayhome, #worldfromawindow or #westayhome and participate in challenges to generate additional reach and visibility.

Trend: World from a window

Trend: Instagram Story Templates

Maintain cash flow with vouchers and "book today & decide later" offers

Of course, it is essential to maintain the cash flow of your company as well as possible during this period. Social media can support this as well. Create special "book today & decide later" offers, where you give your guests the possibility to change the arrival and departure date for the booking afterwards. Then use the social media channels to draw attention to these offers and the sale of vouchers. There are no limits to creativity at this point, as long as the authenticity is maintained.

Why now is the best time to invest in social media ads

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have observed that click prices in many advertising accounts continue to fall while visibility increases. This realization can be traced back to reduced competition, and this is exactly what you should take advantage of now. Keep running brand awareness campaigns at a lower cost than usual, so you don't have to start from scratch after the crisis. As an alternative to a brand awareness campaign you can also promote your new "book today & decide later" offer via the ads. In addition, the hashtags for the above-mentioned trends can also be included in the ads.

Author:Philipp Ingenillem - Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions

Philipp Ingenillem - Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions

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