Series: Getting Through The Corona Crisis With Online Marketing - Quick Wins For Your Hotel Website

The corona virus hits the hotel industry with full force. The losses in turnover that tourism is already struggling with are enormous and on a large scale only state funds will probably help to overcome the crisis. The hotel industry depends on the support of the government! Nevertheless, more than ever it is important now not to lose courage! There will be a time after the crisis and we are firmly confident that there will be a real boom in local recreation and regional travel activities. This is exactly what we should focus on now. People will want to catch up on unusual holidays, but will tend to stay close by. In dealing with the corona virus, communication with your existing and potential guests is therefore crucial. Your website should be THE central marketing instrument for your direct sales and one of the first points of contact for your guests. Accordingly, you will find quickly applicable recommendations for your website below.

Create a subpage with a statement about the corona virus on your website

Communicate openly about the current situation and create a special subpage with a statement for your website. For private hotels it is a good idea to formulate the statement personally from the viewpoint of the hotel manager/owner. Show empathy and emphasize that the health of your guests and employees is the focus of your actions.

Add a banner on your website with a link to the statement

After you have created the subpage, it is also important to integrate a prominent banner with a link to your statement, which can be reached from every subpage of your website. As a slightly more subtle alternative you could also place a notice on the start page. In both cases, have the link to your statement open in a new window so that your (potential) guest does not lose the page he is currently on or does not have to open it again.

Start a "book today & decide later" campaign

Your future guests are online now and currently on the lookout for how to make up for lost holidays. Launch a "Book Today & Decide Later" campaign where you give your guests the opportunity to change the arrival and departure dates for a later booking. Appropriately, be pragmatic when dealing with cancellation and create a clear policy that you publish on the website. For example, tell guests with existing reservations that these can possibly be postponed to a later date.

Promote special offers via an Exit Intent Pop-Up

Currently, it is particularly important to retain users who are already on your website. At this point, exit intent technology is an ideal approach. As soon as a user moves their mouse towards "X" to close the website, a pop-up will be shown to them, indicating your new offer "book today & decide later". This way your potential guest is kept longer on your website and is informed about the new offer at the same time.

Don't forget: Do NOT replace any existing content on the website

With all the things you customize on your website, it is important that you do not replace any existing content. This could cause your search engine rankings to deteriorate. In addition, there are other aspects that should be considered in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

We will soon provide you with additional tips and recommendations in the fields of SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Philipp Ingenillem - Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions

Philipp Ingenillem - Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions

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