5 tips to create the best SEO content for hotels

Writing content is easy (if you’re inspired, of course). What is not so easy is to write on websites applying SEO techniques. And if you get the user to stay pledged with your words, you will have a content that engages, improves web positioning and generates conversions. Would you like to read some tips to write optimized content for SEO and thus fall in love with online searchers and guests?


One thing is what kind of person you want to make the reservation, and another is who really is the one that makes the reservation. You must know who you are addressing and write content on your website without forgetting what they expect to find on your page. Also, remember that the tone you use is important according to the audience that visits the property.

Let’s take an example. If you want to get closer to users who are looking for a hotel that accepts pets, you will have to adapt your services to them. Not only in terms of facilities, but the visitor who is looking for a hotel that accepts pets, expects to read in the content of the page some reference, and also want to be told what kind of pets, in which facilities are allowed, how are the rooms in which they can stay…


If you can create valuable content, you will already have half a way to convert. The best way to create it is to put yourself in the user’s place and think what you would like to read if you were them. Surely you know all the corners of the hotel, why don’t you tell him the most important information? By the way, what will make you 100% different is that you offer a content that you can’t find on another website. Show the user that your services can solve their needs, with kind words (relax, discover, enjoy …).

I recommend that when you write, you do it thinking of the user who will read you, never in the online search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo …), because then you will not get fluent texts and the bots (that know everything) will be able to detect that is not valuable content. Think that what search engines want is to offer the user the best content when they search, that is why they reward pages that have a developed content, positioning them on top.


I’m a maniac for spelling mistakes. Please, check the texts that you publish! It may seem like something trivial but a well written grammatical and orthographic content generates in the reader a feeling of trust and credibility, which will help you make the decision to book a room in your hotel.

Online reading always needs to be comfortable. The user wants short, clear and direct texts, which are also easy to read. Remember that if the content is written to maintain attention, they will stay longer on the web page, something that search engines consider positioning your page, since they understand that the user stays longer on the website because they like what they see.

Use bold; it facilitates exploration with titles that differentiate the content; do not use long texts; take breaks; and structure the content in a way in which reading is more pleasant (accompanying it with images is always a good option).

Do not forget that the position of the content should be considered. The user has a harder time scrolling, so the first thing you want to highlight needs to be on top, so that at a glance the visitor knows why they should book at your hotel.


If you want to convert, tell the user why they should book at your hotel, and why through your website.

List the reasons to book at your hotel, this way you are getting their attention. Explain the advantages they get, so that they are interested in what you are telling and increase their desire. Remind them of the benefits that can be obtained if the reservation is made through your website to drive them to action: to book.

Pay special attention to the most visited pages of a hotel: the home, rooms and services.


They are the pretty girl of any SEO analyst. Think about what a user should write in the search engine if they want to run into your website: boutique hotel in Palma de Mallorca, hotel with water park in Barcelona… Write based on that, and do not forget to add the keywords in the content.

The higher they are, the bots will think they are more important. Therefore, the keywords must be in the title, in the first paragraph and the last one (as a summary). Don’t worry! Within the other paragraphs too, but to make it more fluid, you can use very nice synonyms of that keyword, which will help you with semantic searches.

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