Which New Social Media Features Should You Be Using In Your Hotel’s Marketing Campaigns?

Social media has become one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools.

The amount of channels at the disposal of businesses is staggering and many offer unique features that can push a sale over the line. The three most useful ways to target customers is undoubtedly through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Things happen quickly on social media and users can soon become your guests if you give them the right inspiration and motivation.

What most people don’t realise is how often these platforms are updated. New features are being added or improved on every month, potentially giving hotels new ways to engage with travellers.

Let’s take a look at what each channel is doing right now and how it can help your hotel business.

Marketing your hotel on Facebook: New features to use

Facebook is the most complex giant of the three and has more users, meaning its features are more diverse and more regularly developed.

Audience Insights This is a tool which removes and guesswork from identifying your page’s audience. You can use it to learn more about who you’re targeting by accessing information on their geography, demographic, purchase activity, and more. You can even learn what other Facebook pages they like.

Product shops If your hotel offers items for sale outside of accommodation, you can sell them directly from your Facebook page, or send them to your website if that’s what you’d prefer.

Messenger ads These provide an opportunity to immediately enter into conversations with prospective bookers and give them a personal experience. You can continue the conversation in the Messenger app, answering questions or taking details.

Facebook Live scheduling The popularity of Facebook Live is huge and you can now pre-schedule a live stream, creating anticipation and allowing people preparation time if they want to tune in.

Ad predictions Advertisers can now get a better overview of their future campaign results, with a table being displayed to show predicted delivery and reach.

Becoming ‘snap-chatty’ New camera effects and story features means Facebook is impinging on Snapchat’s territory. It has also launched a new version of direct messaging , allowing users to share photos and videos to their friends before they disappear -once a USP of Snapchat. Promote this feature at your hotel and encourage guests to share their experience with friends.

What’s new for hotel marketers on Instagram?

Instagram is the simplest platform and is strictly used for photo and video-sharing, although it’s also been ramping up its feature releases in recent times.

Disappearing stories Just like Facebook and Snapchat, you can direct message or post disappearing photos and videos. Because these can only be replayed once, it’s a chance to flash promo codes or offers and drive quick sales by incentivising viewers to act fast before their chance is gone.

Multiple image posts Now you can create a single Instagram post with as many as 10 images or videos included, and tag each of them individually. Users can simply flick through them in their newsfeeds. Use this feature to emphasise the physical appeal of your hotel and destination or create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) in travellers who see others having a great time at your property.

Instagram story ads Businesses can now insert advertisements into their stories, capturing people’s attention while they view engaging photos or videos.

Automatic translation Non-native speakers who follow you will be able to understand and communicate easier thanks to automatic translation between differing geographies.

Engaging with guests on Twitter: What’s new?

Twitter has apparently been on the wane with rumours of user drop-off and stagnated growth. Nevertheless it still commands a huge audience and is working hard to keep engagement high.

Character count optimisation Given the limited character count on Twitter, media such as photos or videos has been removed from counting against it, meaning you now have more opportunities to deliver fleshed-out and attention-grabbing posts. A study by HubSpot found that tweets with images resulted in 18% more clickthroughs and 150% more retweets.

Image size requirements Images are no longer forced to be cropped. This means Twitter can take on a more visual experience and hopefully be more engaging for travellers. Multi-photo displays have also been enabled, giving rise to collages, which is great news for hotel marketers.

Twitter Lite Twitter Lite is optimised for mobile users, making it easier for them to use the app. Even slow connections and unreliable network connections will function thanks to the minimal data requirements. With Lite, Twitter is more accessible to millions of users, opening your hotel up to new audiences.

Polls When you create a poll, you can provide four possible answers and use it as a way of getting more information about who is interested in your hotel or use it to get feedback on the experience provided by your property. It’s a very useful feature that can quickly help you improve your guest service.

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