Hotel Channel Management: What Benefits And Features Should You Look For?

Direct bookings are an important and valuable part of your hotel revenue management strategy, as these powerful bookings allow you to maximise the revenue you earn per customer.

However, it’s impossible for you to rely on direct bookings alone.

In order to be successful, book out as many rooms as possible, and continue to grow your hotel property and build your business, you need to work with distribution agents in order to promote your hotel and earn new bookings.

What is hotel channel management?

Hotel channel management is the process of managing distribution channels and opening your booking process up to a wide number of distribution agents.

This can include online travel agents, retail travel agents, visitor information centres, and other agents who book hotel rooms for their customers.

When you connect with a variety of agents who appeal to different types of niche travellers, you are able to expand your customer base and continue to grow your business.

Agents are necessary for your hotel, and they aren’t going to partner with you if you can’t effectively manage your inventory. A hotel channel manager ensures that everyone has access to your live rates and availability, and allows you to minimise the risk of overbooking rooms at your property.

Benefits of the best hotel channel manager

The best channel manager for hotels will, not only include the innovative features that you need to connect your distribution network, but it will offer many other benefits.

Here are some benefits you will enjoy when you implement the best channel manager for hotels:

  • It will unify your different systems that you are using to manage your property. A channel manager connects with your property management system and your booking engine in order to ensure that all data is accurate and relevant.

  • It allows you to boost your bookings while managing your inventory. When you invest in a channel management system for hotel operators, you will be able to connect with many different types of distribution partners who can resell your rooms for you. It doesn’t matter how large or complex your distribution network is, your channel manager allows you to easily and effectively manage your bookings.

  • It minimises the time you need to spend on administrative tasks. The channel manager automatically updates your inventory and rates across all of your channels simultaneously. It also processes booking information directly into your property management system. You do not have to worry about manually updating your property management system, and the risk of overbooking is lowered.

It allows you to boost your brand recognition throughout the industry. A channel manager allows you to expand your brand and improve your brand identity amongst the most powerful distribution partners, including large OTAs.

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