8 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Mobile App

In the current digital age mobile devices are everywhere and for any task you can think of, an app exists to perform it.

According to technology research, the number of tablet devices will surpass personal computers in 2017, with an estimated 140% surge in market demand.

In the hotel industry where guest service is king, mobile apps can help you facilitate the quality service you want to provide.

Apps can be used by guests when they’re making a booking and throughout their stay, with all the information at their fingertips.

8 reasons why your hotel should have a mobile app

1. Guests expect businesses to have a mobile app Consumers are increasingly finding ways to solve their own enquiries. One of the methods they use to do this is by downloading apps. If they are booking with your hotel, they expect to be able to easily check their details and interact with your hotel instantly through an app rather than by email, phone, or web browser. If you don’t have an app, guests may decide to book elsewhere.

2. Make life simpler for both your hotel and your guests Guests and hotels can immediately enter into conversation through an app, allowing guests to clarify details or make requests while hotels can offer guests special deals and promotions or ask for feedback. An app also allows integration with other communication channels like social media or push notifications. This means guests will never miss an update and can always access information on the go.

3. Strengthen your loyalty program with a mobile app Integrating your guest loyalty program into your mobile app will allow guests to more easily collect points, earn rewards, and claim their benefits. You could even ask guests to build a more comprehensive profile in the app to gain more points. With more data, you can get to know more guests on a personal level and provide a greater level of service to them.

4. Create a smoother reservation process with a mobile app

By integrating your booking system with your app, your customer can literally do all their shopping in one place. They can book, confirm, request changes, purchase extras, receive and send messages – all within the app. This creates a faster and less confusing experience for travellers.

5. Provide a direct link to your customers With an app, hotel staff can address guests faster and improve the efficiency of communication. Plus if someone has downloaded your app, they’re showing an active interest in your hotel and you can potentially capture a direct booking before they look elsewhere.

6. Guide guests through your hotel and destination with a mobile app On an app you can curate a personal guide for your guests telling them about all the features of your hotel, what attractions are close by, and where they should go to shop and eat. They could even make bookings for spa sessions at the hotel while they’re out. Guests are always looking for convenience on a trip, so helpful suggestions go a long way.

7. Maintain a competitive advantage with a mobile app Even though apps are becoming increasingly popular, there are still many hospitality businesses that haven’t adopted them. Having your own app will immediately put you ahead of other hotels in the eyes of guests and allow you to capture bookings you otherwise wouldn’t have.

8. Enable guests to communicate in their own language Mobile apps have the capability to translate communications back and forth. So if a guest sends a message in their native Spanish, your hotel will receive it in English and translate your reply back to Spanish. This ensures there’s never any misinterpretation of requests or enquiries.

In order for your app to be successful it should always be solving a problem for the user and provide real-time information. If used correctly, you can give your guests a fantastic experience and grow your brand affinity.

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