8 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important For Hotels

Video marketing is the next big thing for hospitality marketing

For hoteliers, it is more challenging than ever to stand-out. Video marketing therefore is a popular format to increase internet traffic and awareness. Think about it: People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but 70% of what they hear and see. Although videos have revolutionized the way we consume media and the hotel industry relies so much on visual marketing, many hoteliers have not started developing their own video marketing strategy. Below you find eight reasons why video is the next big thing in hospitality marketing.

People Love Videos

Motion pictures are understood more easily and various studies have proven that videos are more effective in delivering messages than any other type of media. 80% of internet users prefer to watch a video than to read the same content in a text. Videos help potential guests to feel the experience of being inside your premises. People even say that in a couple of years most content online will be video. Hence, having your own videos will help your hotel to keep up with the times.

There Has Never Been More Options

Everyone uses YouTube and/or Google for private and business purposes. As YouTube is owned by Google, videos uploaded on the platform will appear on both search engines and can be found easily by travelers. YouTube is a promising platform to show your hotel. More than a billion people access YouTube every day and spend hours watching videos. Do not forget to write titles and descriptions for your videos on YouTube and add a link to your website to encourage actions even more. Facebook is trying to toppling YouTube and has been placed a lot of emphasis on video formats. Thus, more and more innovations are created which will benefit companies and consumers. Facebook has already introduced live video, 360-degree videos, video filters and a video tab. Videos on your own website will increase the time that visitors spent on your site. Longer exposure shows search engines that your site has good content and this will positively affect your ranking on them.

Videos Dominates The Internet Traffic

Studies reported that this year around 74% of internet traffic will be video content. This means online videos are the fastest growing type of media around. Video content is accessed on devices all around the world and online video viewing is increasing by 118% every year. Most people who own a tablet watch videos for more than an hour a day. Therefore, videos are the best opportunity for you to reach a broad target group. Optimize your videos for small screens and devices. This will ensure that the maximum number of viewers will be able to watch your videos without any problems.

Videos Drive Visitors

Videos are a good way to increase your bookings. Walking through a hotel appeals to many visitors and bookings are 67% more likely when a video tour is included on a website. Videos also drive potential guests to a website. Forbes found out that 65% of business travelers visit a hotel’s website after watching its video.

Video Is Rocking Email Campaigns

Incorporate your videos in your email marketing campaigns; it is a great way to stand out from the competition. The click-through rate for introductory emails that include a video increases by 96%.

Videos Build Trust

Trust is the bases of sales and conversion. Focus on trust, not just traffic. Videos can foster trust. Seeing your hotel in a video will give potential guests more confidence to book a stay at your hotel.

Videos Encourage Social Shares

76% of social media users would share a video if it was entertaining. Therefore, create fun videos to evoke emotions and to encourage shares on social media. Shares are not return on investment (ROI) but they can increase traffic to and interest in your products and services.

Video Has The Best ROI

Reports show that about 52% of marketing professionals value videos as the format with the best return on investment. To get a good ROI your video should make travelers want to stay at your hotel. This is why you need to include a call to action. Show customers what they need to do to book a room. You can either include a number to call or the URL of your website.

Videos let you share your hotel’s story in the most effective way. Videos are the best format to stay relevant in this highly competitive market place. Marketing campaigns which include video are more effective and compelling to convert visitors into bookers.

With a good strategy in place you can bring significant profit to your hotel. Since the popularity of videos will increase in future, you should start developing your own video marketing strategy. But remember that a video marketing strategy is about building brand awareness and lead generation. It does not always lead to instant conversion.

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