Back in ancient Rome, gladiators would signify the end of a fight with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down, which was basically a very simplified, and rather brutal, sort of review. From the humble beginnings of word-of-mouth to an entire industry, feedback has certain...


10 years ago, travel shoppers were not flocking to review sites before booking hotels. But now it’s a given that prospective guests conduct their fair share of research before booking.

Careful management of online guest reviews will go a long way to maintaining a positi...

In a digital world, not only every visitor to your hotel is a potential critic, they also have the power to reach a wide audience, and their views can have a significant impact upon your revenue. It is for this reason that the concept of managing online reviews has eme...


Out of the hundreds of hoteliers in attendance on our TripAdvisor webinar last year, a total of 87% said that TripAdvisor is either very or extremely important to the success of their brand. We’ve found that one of the most frequently asked questions from hoteliers is...

In today’s business world, when taking into consideration the connectivity of people and the mobile-first society, it’s safe to say that guest feedback is the thing that can make or break your hotel marketing strategy.

Especially when it comes to hospitality, reviews ar...

Online reviews play a crucial role in influencing customers to book hotels, so one of the most important things that hotels can do is to encourage guests to provide feedback. But the work doesn’t end there—hotels also need to proactively monitor and reply to the review...


Today, most travelers read online hotel reviews before booking a property. Not only do they see the guest’s comment, but also the hotel’s response online (if the hotel actually takes time to respond). A TripAdvisor study revealed that 68% of customers will book a room...

Dealing with guest conflict is one the hardest things employees face in the service industry; if poorly managed, an on-property complaint can escalate to a bad online review and negative reviews can frighten prospective guests away and put a permanent scar on the reput...

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