As reservas diretas são essenciais para garantir a rentabilidade do seu hotel. Mesmo que tenha de recorrer aos agentes de viagens on-line, deveria privilegiar as reservas sem comissão obtidas diretamente do seu website.

Não só lhe poupará dinheiro, mas um cliente que re...

When potential customers are checking out your hotel against the competition, you need every advantage you can get. To gain a critical advantage, you need to know why people buy things beyond price. Enter consumer psychology — a branch of social psychology that studies...


In this webinar, Travel Tripper & Pegasus and LaaSie will dive into consumer behaviors, audience segmentation, and the guest journey for booking direct on hotel websites.

Using an array of techniques and technology, you can effectively influence your guest’s decision-ma...

Há cada vez menos dúvidas sobre a importância do Google Hotel Ads (GHA) como o mecanismo de metapesquisa com o maior crescimento, ultrapassando já 60% de todo o investimento em metas. Além disso, o Google avança rapidamente e não pára de nos surpreender de vez em quand...

With the explosion of the “digital way of life”, the traveler’s customer journey has become increasingly complex, which necessitates independent hoteliers to rethink and overhaul their marketing and technology stack strategies and investments. Today’s online travel con...

Which benefits will turn your lookers into direct bookers?

We've seen a lot of hotels go live with our Direct Booking Platform - around 17,000 at the last count. And that means we've seen thousands of different offers that hotels around the world use to entice their gue...

We recently met with a hotel whose occupancy was comprised nearly 50% by OTA bookings. One out of every two guests was costing them at least 20% commission. Aside from the obvious hit to their RevPAR and issues maintaining a competitive ADR they were also missing out o...

Modern hotel competition pushes hotels to provide booking engine on their website. With most of travelers do their booking process online, creating a top booking experience is crucial to drive more revenue.

Although major reasons for abandon booking are becaus...

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