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The corona virus hits the hotel industry with full force. The losses in turnover that tourism is already struggling with are enormous and on a large scale only state funds will probably help to overcome the crisis. The hotel industry depends on the support of the gover...

The average hotel website conversion rate is 2.2 %, with the top 20 % of hotels having an average conversion rate of 5.6 % and the bottom 20 % having a conversion rate of 0.3 %. These are sweeping averages which might be practical when benchmarking one’s hotel but are...

Let’s be honest with ourselves: We hit the mobile tipping point back in 2014. And yet, we still see mobile bookings and mobile revenue lagging far behind. Why is that?

The conventional wisdom is that mobile is “earlier in the conversion funnel.” It’s where people are ge...


Last year, for the first time ever, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop. People aren’t just using their phones to scroll through Facebook, or read articles like this one. A large portion of them are using smartphones to research and book travel.

1 in 5 hotel reserva...


The importance of hotel mobile website design

Every day new records are broken in terms of mobile usage in travel. But there is no definitive guide yet on how to turn a hotel mobile website into a successful engagement platform for mobile users.

Mobile users have a diffe...

As mobile technology has become seamlessly integrated into our digital lives, switching between devices to access information on the move has become commonplace. In fact, 90% of people who own multiple devices use an average of three different combinations each day, an...

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