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Did I get your attention? Guest loyalty as a concept is not dead, but it is rapidly evolving. Points and redemption-based models are antiquated and failing to impress the modern traveler. Instead, hotels are more likely to have success building loyalty with today’s gue...


Major hotel chains invest largely to get more people to join their loyalty programs. Loyalty and rewards programs can be among the most efficient mechanisms for marketing your hotel, but getting there requires thinking a bit differently about what customer loyalty is —...

Guest loyalty programs, originally crafted to reward valuable guests with upgrades or special treatment, have now devolved into a pricing game.

It started with OTAs offering discounted rates to loyalty members and creating programs for hotels to offer special and someti...

The hospitality industry, like any other industry in this cutthroat competitive era is massively overcrowded, implying that many hotels, big and small, have swarmed the industry in the recent past offering ample choices to the guests, or perhaps spoiling them. A travel...

Moving into 2017, loyalty is becoming a core focus in the hospitality sector. An uncertain economic outlook and intense industry competition has led numerous hotels to evolve their loyalty programs to offer greater flexibility and personalization.

The very definition of...

While hotels spend a great deal of time trying to attract new customers, retaining those they already have is arguably worthy of greater attention.

Most marketers are aware of the fact that acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere between 5-10 times more than keeping...

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