In these days it is especially important to communicate with your existing and potential guests, conveying empathy, optimism and adaptability. NOW your guests have more time than ever before and spend a large part of it in social networks. They will want to make up for...

As we navigate unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has put travel on pause. While everyone is social distancing, people continue to stay connected online through social media, FaceTime, video conferencing, and email. People are searching for an...


2020 Promises to be characterized by increasingly tech-savvy consumers with a strong appetite for optimized travel and hotel experiences. In fact, research by Hospitality Tech News shows that 83% of all trips were booked online in 2019.

Headwinds from economic and polit...

The influence of Facebook continues to grow in the travel sphere. As we discussed in a previous post, the social media giant now boasts an expanding range of travel-related tools and services that allow users to find inspiration, seek trip recommendations from friends,...

1. The Hoxton

@thehoxtonhotel, 157k followers

The oh-so-hip Hoxton has a huge social following, and its Instagram account is full of arty shots that showcase the chic interiors of its global properties. But what we really love is the way the images are shot to create a f...


Visual storytelling is one of the most valuable strategies for today’s hotel marketer because most humans (40-65%) tend to learn things visually. It’s really no surprise that 70% of marketers have increased their use of visuals in social media marketing. Right now, one...

Paid advertising has swiftly taken over social media, no matter what the channel is. These posts take precedence when it comes to making their way in front of an audience, which causes an issue for those attempting to maximize engagement with organic posts. Organic rea...

Social media has evolved more rapidly than any other marketing platform in history and things show no sign of slowing down any time soon.

As a hotel, the thought of establishing a social media presence from the ground up can be daunting. Where does one even get started?...

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