In the Art of War, Sun Tzu wrote: “When the thunderclap breaks out, it is too late to cover your ears”. For his part, Heraclitus, in a moment of great lucidity, affirmed that “only change is permanent”. Very nice words which, let’s face it, will unfortunately be of cir...

O coronavírus (COVID-19) está a impactar drasticamente a economia global, mas neste artigo de opinião iremos centrar o foco da nossa análise na indústria do turismo e hotelariaa nível nacional.

Aproveitando a parceria e sinergias existentes entre a Climber RMS e a RM Ac...

The travel sector could shrink by up to 25% in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s according to the latest information from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

In the hotel industry, occupancy levels have fallen dramatically in China and...

Life in Italy is largely at a standstill since the country-wide lockdown on March 10, which came as a result of a dramatic increase in the number of infections and deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus. All but essential travel is banned, and those traveling must prove...

Experts say that COVID-19 could be the biggest shock to tourism since 9/11. The coronavirus outbreak has not only impacted travel in affected regions; it’s caused the cancellation of the world’s biggest exhibitions, including our own ITB Berlin.

More widely, we’re...

Many owners think, “The brand does that for me” when speaking about digital marketing.  You know the brand delivers value via its brand website.  But, when you drill down deep, there is more you can be doing to make your hotel stand out. It is not uncommon to have 3 Ha...


Today, a hotel’s pricing strategy is defined according to 3 main criteria:

  • Segmentation: who are the customers you are targeting and what they can afford or are willing to pay

  • Demand: the volume of travelers looking to stay in a hotel at a given price in a give...


In the modern and dynamic environment of today’s hotel industry even the most seasoned professionals can be challenged to meet all of the skills required. Hotel management transcends so many areas of expertise including technology, customer service, and finance, that i...

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