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Crisis Management is a critical component of any successful digital strategy. During times of crisis, hotels need to thoughtfully and swiftly develop a prevention plan, communicate to employees and guests, and make critical shifts to revenue management and digital stra...


It’s no secret that all aspects of our daily life are being enhanced or changed by technology, but a complete digital overhaul – to the point that society becomes completely cashless – may not be too far around the corner. 

From a hospitality perspective, it offers a he...


2020 Promises to be characterized by increasingly tech-savvy consumers with a strong appetite for optimized travel and hotel experiences. In fact, research by Hospitality Tech News shows that 83% of all trips were booked online in 2019.

Headwinds from economic and polit...


In this webinar, Travel Tripper & Pegasus and LaaSie will dive into consumer behaviors, audience segmentation, and the guest journey for booking direct on hotel websites.

Using an array of techniques and technology, you can effectively influence your guest’s decision-ma...

Há cada vez menos dúvidas sobre a importância do Google Hotel Ads (GHA) como o mecanismo de metapesquisa com o maior crescimento, ultrapassando já 60% de todo o investimento em metas. Além disso, o Google avança rapidamente e não pára de nos surpreender de vez em quand...

Which benefits will turn your lookers into direct bookers?

We've seen a lot of hotels go live with our Direct Booking Platform - around 17,000 at the last count. And that means we've seen thousands of different offers that hotels around the world use to entice their gue...

It’s no secret that hotels hate having to rely on Online Travel Agents (OTAs). With super-high commission rates, competing on the property’s brand keywords, and hijacking their TripAdvisor pages, the OTAs’ relationship with hotels is often anything but a partnership. G...


If a traveller has any suspicion about the quality or authenticity of your hotel, it’s very unlikely they’ll book with you.

A lack of published reviews and a lack of photos are two of the biggest red flags for guests when browsing hotels. To someone viewing a hotel on t...

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