As we navigate unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has put travel on pause. While everyone is social distancing, people continue to stay connected online through social media, FaceTime, video conferencing, and email. People are searching for an...

The corona virus hits the hotel industry with full force. The losses in turnover that tourism is already struggling with are enormous and on a large scale only state funds will probably help to overcome the crisis. The hotel industry depends on the support of the gover...


Writing content is easy (if you’re inspired, of course). What is not so easy is to write on websites applying SEO techniques. And if you get the user to stay pledged with your words, you will have a content that engages, improves web positioning and generates conversio...

It’s the million-dollar question that every marketer wants the answer to. After implementing a series of SEO changes, how fast will you see an impact? The answer is: it depends.

In truth, a whole set of factors come into play, including what type of SEO changes you’re m...

“Sabe qual é o melhor sítio para esconder um corpo?
Na segunda página do Google!”

Esta curiosa frase que circula nas redes sociais, é sintomática da importância que deve atribuir ao seu site, aos conteúdos que lá coloca e da estrutura técnica que o seu site deve possuir...

Why should hotels have a blog? A blog provides helpful information to travelers making booking decisions. Plus, blog content also helps Google and other search engines find your website. Here’s why you should start writing and publishing.


It’s a hard-fought battle against the OTAs. You probably feel there’s no way you can possibly compete for high Google rankings while they’re still around.

The OTAs have enormous digital marketing budgets. A single OTA can spend billions a year in fact. But as a conseque...

Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO strategy. Getting a hotel to rank for the right keywords can greatly impact its success, but choosing the right keywords to target can get tricky. Here are some tips to help you research the keywords to use on your hotel webs...

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