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As reservas diretas são essenciais para garantir a rentabilidade do seu hotel. Mesmo que tenha de recorrer aos agentes de viagens on-line, deveria privilegiar as reservas sem comissão obtidas diretamente do seu website.

Não só lhe poupará dinheiro, mas um cliente que re...

The average hotel website conversion rate is 2.2 %, with the top 20 % of hotels having an average conversion rate of 5.6 % and the bottom 20 % having a conversion rate of 0.3 %. These are sweeping averages which might be practical when benchmarking one’s hotel but are...

The influence of Facebook continues to grow in the travel sphere. As we discussed in a previous post, the social media giant now boasts an expanding range of travel-related tools and services that allow users to find inspiration, seek trip recommendations from friends,...

Investing in a new website can have a huge impact on your hotel’s direct bookings and profit margins. But is now the time for your hotel to make that investment? To make a wise decision, one should rely on both concrete metrics and past experience.

For instance, if your...

Many owners think, “The brand does that for me” when speaking about digital marketing.  You know the brand delivers value via its brand website.  But, when you drill down deep, there is more you can be doing to make your hotel stand out. It is not uncommon to have 3 Ha...


Today, a hotel’s pricing strategy is defined according to 3 main criteria:

  • Segmentation: who are the customers you are targeting and what they can afford or are willing to pay

  • Demand: the volume of travelers looking to stay in a hotel at a given price in a give...

When potential customers are checking out your hotel against the competition, you need every advantage you can get. To gain a critical advantage, you need to know why people buy things beyond price. Enter consumer psychology — a branch of social psychology that studies...

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