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Most of us realise that have automatically opted our hotels into their new ‘Early Payment Scheme’, but what exactly does this mean and how does it doubly affect our hotels?

NB: This is an article from Right Revenue

Well first of all, let’s look at what B...


In less than an hour, this webinar will address:

- What average conversion rate should you expect, and what lever can you use to increase ​your​ website conversion rate

- How can you increase your mobile conversion

- How can you personalize visitor experience and engage w...


Writing content is easy (if you’re inspired, of course). What is not so easy is to write on websites applying SEO techniques. And if you get the user to stay pledged with your words, you will have a content that engages, improves web positioning and generates conversio...


It’s no secret that all aspects of our daily life are being enhanced or changed by technology, but a complete digital overhaul – to the point that society becomes completely cashless – may not be too far around the corner. 

From a hospitality perspective, it offers a he...


As reservas diretas são essenciais para garantir a rentabilidade do seu hotel. Mesmo que tenha de recorrer aos agentes de viagens on-line, deveria privilegiar as reservas sem comissão obtidas diretamente do seu website.

Não só lhe poupará dinheiro, mas um cliente que re...

The average hotel website conversion rate is 2.2 %, with the top 20 % of hotels having an average conversion rate of 5.6 % and the bottom 20 % having a conversion rate of 0.3 %. These are sweeping averages which might be practical when benchmarking one’s hotel but are...

The influence of Facebook continues to grow in the travel sphere. As we discussed in a previous post, the social media giant now boasts an expanding range of travel-related tools and services that allow users to find inspiration, seek trip recommendations from friends,...

Investing in a new website can have a huge impact on your hotel’s direct bookings and profit margins. But is now the time for your hotel to make that investment? To make a wise decision, one should rely on both concrete metrics and past experience.

For instance, if your...

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